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Bright Dip is a pretreatment process that cosmetically enhances aluminum. It is a chemical polishing process that brightens the surface and produces a mirror like finish.The degree of brightness attainable is dependent upon the alloy used. Special alloys have been developed which greatly enhance the brightening process.

Locations providing R5 Bright Dip

  • Portland
    Apex Anodizing (HQ)
    7015 NE Columbia Blvd.
    Portland, OR 97218

R5 Bright Dip details

Note: tank sizes and max part sizes listed only apply to our Portland facility. Please call (775) 355-8121 for tank size details at our Sparks facility.
Tank size and max part size details for R5 Bright Dip
Process Max Tank Size Max Part Size
Bright Dip 96” x 36” x 48” 90” x 32” x 42”